Laura Conant is a designer based in Brussels, Belgium. Her practice is at the meeting point between digital arts and graphic design.

She is keen on developping her own tools through coding and programming, with an interest towards free softwares, and an overall reflexion towards our usage of softwares and hardwares in nowadays digital context. She also makes music through various digital tools like Pure Data, in liaison with some electro-acoustic instruments and synths.

She's part of the Brussels based music label MONTAGE, as well as a member of the collective BYE BYE BINARY.

Some things I'm currently learning: C++ audio / Electronics / Three.js / Vue.js

Get in touch at lau.conant@gmail.com

21'-22' Master in Digital Arts, ERG (Brussels, BE)
20' Bachelor in Editorial and Type Design, ERG (Brussels, BE)
18' Two-years Degree, Graphic Design, École Duperré (Paris, FR)
16' Foundation year in applied art, École Duperré (Paris, FR)

21' DE MAAST Online, Minus One x Radio Ruit x The Word
20' WIELS, (Cancelled), Museum Night 2020, Ambient concert
for Wolfgang Tillman's exhibition (Brussels, BE)
17' Frankfurt publishing fair, Theoretical reflection on reading (Frankfurt, DE)

19' BYE BYE BINARY, Retrospective publication on a workshop about
inclusive type solutions (Brussels, BE)

© Laura Conant, 2021. All rights reserved.

Open Source Synthesizer On going

Technologies tend to fade into our environment becoming "natural" for us, in the sense that we don't really see them anymore. The interface of this synth was made so we have to get to know the synthesizer. Nothing appears clearly. You have to start playing with it to try to understand which button to manage which parameter. However, I want to avoid it becoming just impractical and frustrating. An other aim of this project is to try to inject subjectivity in our digital tools who are globally thought to be used by everyone. I wanted to try to shape my tools considering my own practice. This project is based on an Open Source programm : PureData. This project is 100% hackable, so you can reproduce the exact same or twist it to fit your own needs.
I also try to inject some poetics into really technical project like this one. This synth communicate with its environnement through sensors which modify some parameters of the sound.

Bibliographie :

Eternal Spring June 2020 Writing / Edition / 3D 924x870mm

This project is a reflexion about the shift from the depths of sensible and geometrical space of the physical world to a depth of time inside the digital space as well as the importance of the notion of interface, that surface that annuls the classical separation of position, of instant or object.
It is composed of an essay and a wandering in virtual reality inside a flower field which only exist through the utilisation of the headset and the experience of the user.

Bibliographie :

  • Paul Virilio, Lost Dimension, 1994
  • The Internet Does Not Exist, Vaster than Empires and more slow, Ursula K.Le Guin
  • Chris Hand, Other Faces of Virtual Reality, 1994
  • J. STEUER, Defining Virtual Reality: Dimensions Determining Telepresence, 1992, pp. 73-93.)

Javascript experiments April - May 2020

Our contract in reading reality is redefined through the digital space. This implies finding new ways to approach online reading. This project is a plastic, poetic and practical reflection on how to situate yourself in an online text flow, without the folio reference of a book.

Laura Conant

The Word - New Horizons 12 hours Stream August 2021 VJing / Communication

Communication for The Word - New Horizons 12 hours Stream, combining some vjing visuals we made together with Ugo Olivari 🔗 that were displayed at the event.

Urgent Compilation III - Referential Irony June 2021 Album / Poster artwork

Artwork and poster the Urgent Compilation III - Referrential Irony released on MONTAGE 🔗

Justin - Furns Neigh March 2021 EP artwork

Artwork and animation for Justin's release on MONTAGE 🔗

Helenah - Compressed 16' 17' November 2020 EP artwork

Artwork for Helenah's release on MONTAGE 🔗

Nillies Nihilist April 2020 EP artwork

Artwork and animation for MONTAGE 🔗, a Brussels based label focused on experimental electronic music.

Identités Virtuelles April - June 2020 Essay and edition layout part of my end of bachelor project

The majority’s lives are split into two: one AFK (away from keyboard) and one in the digital space. These two parallel lives tend to interact, with one influencing the other. However, only one of both will survive us: our digital selves, immortal avatars within the eternal digital space.

RPGiator March 2020 Tape design

Tape design with my own META typeface for ERG’s 2019-2020 soundclass tape, in which I also participated. 🔗
Bxline typeface by Ugo Olivari 🔗 and illustration by Sophia Hamdouch 🔗.

My Body Got Lost Nowhere March 2020 3D

Project in collaboration with photographer Hanna Pallot 🔗.
3D research on sheets and movement.

Anthology of Internet's language December 2019 Edition 145x210

Information and knowledge are increasingly central factors in wealth creation, social evolution and human development. Language being the primary tool for the communication of information and knowledge, the ability to use one’s language on the Internet will determine the degree of one’s involvement in emerging knowledge societies. The Anthology of Internet’s language brings together articles and research theses, blog posts and informal forum discussions leading us to reflect on the phenomenon of the cleavage of languages and on the languages normativity ​​developing on the Internet.

Panoramic research October 2019 Website

Research on a way to expose the references contained within my year project.

Laura Conant

BYE BYE BINARY June 2019 Poster Type design 841x594

Poster, part of an edition including type design and 3D objects for the ERG x La Cambre workshop Bye Bye Binary on inclusive type solutions.

YAAAH! 1 April 2019 Type design

Type design for the first YAAAH! event, music and art